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Malcolm McDowell (13/06/1943-), "Voyage of the Damned" (1976).

Anecdotes :

      "Nigel Davenport who played her father in "No Blade of Grass" in 1970, will find Lynne in 1973, for the film "Phase IV", this time in the role professor who will sink into the madness".

"Michael Jayston preferred Lynne in the other one actresses, Ania Marson, Candace Glendenning and Fiona Fullerton."

"After the film "Nicholas and Alexandra", Lynne is stay in touch with the actresses Ania Marson (Olga), Candace Glendenning (Maria) and Fiona Fullerton (Anastasia). Lynne was the bridesmaid with Fiona Fullerton of Ania Marson has his marriage with Derek Lister on September 3rd 1977. Fiona Fullerton was the bridesmaid of Lynne has her 3 marriages, Lynne had to invite Ania Marson and Candace Glendenning has his first two marriages. He adorned that Fiona Fullerton was present in Lynne's burial in 1994."

"At the same time as Lynne Frederick to take away the "Evening Standard British Film Awards" of the young promising feminine talent in 1973, her former partner Keith Michell to take away the "Evening Standard British Film Awards" of the best actor for his role of Henry VIII in "Henry VIII and His Six Wives". The movie "Mary, Queen of Scots", that of the better film (we find in this film, Nigel Davenport)."

"For "Schizo", Lynne will shooting with Stephanie Beacham and John McEnery (Stephanie and John was married during this period)."

"Malcolm McDowell, has declared has Peter Evans have to a been struck by Lynne's talent.

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