Lynne Maria Frederick was born in Hillingdon (London), in England on sunday 25th July 1954, she was the only daughter of Andrew Frederick and Iris Sullivan (Iris who to working for the TV Channel "Thames Television" as manager of casting for broadcasts as "The Benny Hill Show" or "This Is Your Life"). But regrettably some time after her birth, his father leaves her mother and abandons his daughter, throughout her entire life Lynne Frederick will suffer from the not presence of her father has her sides. It is her mother Iris and her grandmother Cecilia who high, Lynne increased in Market Harborough (near Leicester). She studies in a private school for girls "Notting Hill and Ealing High School" in the county of Middlesex, or she studied to become a Physics and Mathematics teacher and she, stops her studies for the cinema. In 1969, she obtains Mary Custance's role in film "No Blade of Grass" by Cornel Wilde with Nigel Davenport which will find in 1973, for the film "Phase IV ". Then in 1970, that of him Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova in the film "Nicholas and Alexandra" directed by Franklin J. Schaffner who will go out on 29/11/1971, her mother supports her and helps her in her young career, the roles follow each other and are alike, she plays Catherine Howard the fifth wife of King Henry VIII in "Henry VIII and His Six Wives" in 1972, it is in this film that the great British comedian Peter Sellers falls in love with it, they meet in 1976, during a dinner by friends and begins a relation. Peter is divorced with Miranda Quarry since 1974. The children of Peter (Michael, Sarah and Victoria) are against this relation. She plays many films or TV series and win the "Evening Standard British Film Awards " of the young promising feminine talent in 1973. With good criticisms on her career, have the judge for a promising talent. Lynne starting a carrer in Europe with "Giubbe Rosse" a italian film by Joe d'Amato (with Fabio Testi) and in Spain as "El vicio y la virtud" and "A Long Return" (can be her best role) and another italian film with "Four of the Apocalypse" in 1975 (reunited with Testi). In 1976, Lynne Frederick is back in the british cinema with horror film "Schizo" direted and produced by Pete Walker, "Voyage of the Damned". She wife Peter Sellers on 18th February , 1977 in Paris, against the opinion of the children of Peter and also the mother of Lynne, Iris which hates the new husband of her daughter. With Sellers they will spend their winter holidays to Gstaad in Switzerland or her husband has a chalet. But Peter is a jealous husband and will suspect Lynne of infidelity, he will go as far as engaging a detective deprived to watch her and send one of her friends in Los Angeles to see her, but her husband introduces him in give drugs as the cocaine etc. Many persons thought that Lynne married Peter Sellers for his money, but it is false she to love Peter, in spite of them 29 years of difference and she has to sacrifice her career for him, "If you want, I am going to give up it" Lynne just wanted to be his wife, can be to replace this absent father. She turn with him her last film "The Prisoner of Zenda" in 1979 and with Sellers dashes into the production in the cinema with "The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu", in 1980 but it is a flop. Previously in 1979, they both consulted two lawyers for a divorce. Lynne Frederick declared "I knew that I was his fourth wife and my mother had warned against". Then the 24/07/1980 came, Peter Sellers dies from a heart attack in a hospital of London is only 54 years old, she was in the United States when she learnt Peter's death and hurried to return in London for the burial, in her will Peter bequeathed him all his fortune to the detriment of his children estimated has $ 4.5 millions, while the children of Sellers (Michael, Sarah and Victoria), and their mother the actress Ann Howe had touched £ 800 each. Accepted Lynne Frederick that a single man has most to count in his life Peter Sellers, she is to remain Lady Peter Sellers, she suffered numerous depressions because of the death of Sellers and she try to commit suicide to several occasions. And sometime after her meet the famous journalist David Frost and display together. He get married on 25th January 1981, but this union will be short Lynne and David divorces one the years later. Then Lynne meets the doctor Barry Unger of Los Angeles. She decides to sue the producers of the film "Trail of the Pink Panther" in 1982, judging that they had offended the memory of Peter and gain in this trial 1.5 millions in 1984. Previously she wife Barry in December, 1982, and will have a child Cassie. In 1985, the director John G. Avildsen proposes the role of Kumiko in "The Karate Kid, Part II", but she refuses has against heart to be able to take charge of her daughter Cassie, it thus closes the door definitively in the cinema. But Lynne and Barry divorces in 1991, she becomes an alcoholic, takes of coke and pills, regrettably her exhaust herfortune and she is forced has food has cheap and to buy clothes cheap. On Wednesday 27th April 1994, her mother Iris finds her dead to her in Los Angeles she was 39 years old and she leaves a 10-year-old girl. Can of people was present has her burial in Santa Monica, her daughter Cassie, her ex husband Barry Unger, her mother Iris and some people. She was cremated and today Lynne Frederick rests in Golders Green Crematorium of London alongside Peter Sellers.


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